The Team

Nile’s Project: Executive Board Members
Ty Moss, Carole Moss, Sharon Wood, Sandy Wood, Glen Lebowitz , Kathleen Hellmers, Jackie Hellmers, Kye Hellmers, Stacey Z, Dave Wood


Nile’s Project Front Line Volunteer Managers
The Richie’s, Loretta Coats, Suzanne Shinazy, Judy Seal,  Alicia Cole, Karen Edwards, Duane Remus,


The Niles Project Band
Ty Moss, Marvin Banks,Ernie Fujimoto Carlos De LaPaz Steve Campos, Dave Arieno, George Butts, Joe Dorenzo, Tom Zink, Anne Walsh, Ian Flatley Beth Flatley, Rod McNeill,
James Harris, Jonathan Moffett

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See Nile's Coalition in action! Use the links below to watch video highlights of our awareness concerts:
  Niles Law
  Dr. Tom Frieden, Dir. of the CDC/Atlanta

Carole and Ty discuss Patient Safety and Infection Prevention and Management with Dr. Tom Frieden as advocates for Rapid Detection initiatives.

  Drs. Cardo and Srinivasan

Sharing the message and experiences from healthcare workers, and patients about the need for rapid detection and aggressive treatment of Hospital Acquired Infections.


Lisa McGiffert  Campaign Manager for Safe Patient Project Consumers Union Fighting tirelessly for us all!