Navagating Eldercare
By: Dr. Linda Rhodes (Author)

Family caregiving support programs are in high demand. Thousands of families are making heroic efforts to care for their aging parents, relatives and friends.  Being better informed will make your caregiving journey easier to travel. 

This book is intended to save you from those troublesome detours by covering seven “must Know” areas of Navigating Eldercare: At Home, In the Community, In Hospitals and Acute Care, Managing Medications, Patient Safety Solutions, Money, Legal and Insurance Matters, Knowing who Pays and Who Provides Eldercare.


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Why We Dread MRSA? Learn More

When should I seek immediate Help - Symptoms?

Go directly to your local emergency room and get the patient to the head of the line or Call 911. Make sure you tell everyone that you are suspecting - Read more...


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In the event of an emergency – difficulty breathing, fever, coughing up dark colored mucus, you need to act quickly.  Remember … MRSA looks like the flu, It attacks the lungs and major organs quickly make sure all cares givers are aware of you concern that this could turn into pneumonia quickly.  This patient needs antibiotics through and IV as quickly as possible.

Go to your local emergency room in the best hospital near you and let them know that you think the patient has been exposed to MRSA and demand a MRSA test right away.  Ask them for a rapid test that many hospitals have.  If they wait the standard 3 days this could put your patient in a life threating position. 

Let them know that you think it’s important that the patient is isolated you believe that the patient could be contagious and you do not want to spread to others.  If they do not listen escalate to the level it takes to get your loved one what they need.
Contact the infectious disease physician in that hospital and make sure they are assigned to your patient’s case.  This will give them responsibility for their good care.

Never leave this patient alone.  Insist that patient receive IV antibiotics quickly.  Most hospitals will give a full panel of all kinds of antibiotics if an infection looks like pneumonia.

Who Do I Contact For Help?

Having an MRSA infection may be life-changing for your child and your family. You, and your child may feel angry, sad, or frightened. - Read more...


Who to call to report harm from a hospital stay where you contracted a Hospital Acquired Infection. MRSA Staph, VRE and C.diff.


Contact your states Department of Health find the name of the top person in Licensing and Certification let them know that you need to report your case of harm.  They will have you file a complaint make sure you gather every piece of paper and information in your medical file, it’s your right you need physicians notes, nurses notes, all pharmacy reports complete with time medications were order and administered.

  How do I file a complaint against my Doctor for harm




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