When should I seek immediate Help- Symptoms?


Go directly to your local emergency room and get the patient to the head of the line or Call 911

Make sure you tell everyone that you are suspecting MRSA or Staph, if they have been in healthcare facility, in large crowds, playing sports, in a Gym, played soccer football on astro turf, wrestling, visited a nursing home or assisted living home. You need to alert the emergency crew that you suspect MRSA. Tell them to acted fast we have no time to waist.

Upon arrival at the hospital contact the infectious disease physician in that hospital and make sure they are assigned to your patient’s case. This will give them responsibility for the patients good care. Never leave the patient alone.


Important symptoms to look for:

  • Patient is coughing up blood or chocolate colored mucus.
  • Patient suddenly has trouble speaking.
  • Patient is having new trouble breathing.
  • Patient has a fast heart beat and feels weak or dizzy.
  • Pain becomes very strong.
  • Patient’s tongue is swelling up.
  • Patients has a seizure (convulsion).
  • Patient has a headache with a stiff neck, and is very tired or confused.
  • Patient has heavy bleeding.
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