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We are a non-profit coalition of entertainers, artists, patient safety organizations and the public all focused on ending this Nation’s preventable deadly epidemic of Staph / MRSA
(a staph infection that can not be treated with standard antibiotics).  

Also known as   “Staph infections”, “The Hospital Superbug”.
In honor of Nile Calvin Moss and the memory of the hundreds of thousands of victims of deadly hospital acquired infections.

Honoring Nile Calvin Moss 

His Parents are working with advocates and legislators to Educate, Inform, and Help Spread Life Saving prevention techniques through Partners like Consumer's Union, (Consumer Reports) and the CDC”. Read more..

Our Mission 
We are focused on ending the epidemic of MRSA and other preventable bacterial infections that cause great suffering and end the lives of the innocent.

More About Nile’s Project

We work with survivors, and families of those who have seen the suffering these infections cause for decades.  We work with families where there loved never returned home from the hospital they were - Read more..


Nile’s Project Proven Approach
Awareness • Education • Prevention • Action

We build unique campaigns with schools, Universities, healthcare organizations facilities, legislative leaders, seniors, youth groups, community centers, and enterprise clients that are - Read more..



Education - The CDC Findings

Preventable Hospital Acquired Infections cost our nation $45 billion dollars each year killing more than 100,000 people every year.   The CDC has adopted the proven infection prevention techniques - Read more...



We work with respected consumer groups such as the The Consumers Union/Patient Safety Project and MRSA awareness experts at the CDC, HHS, CMS, to provide the most current Read more...

Senator Dean Florez – Are We Prepared for A MRSA Superbug Outbreak Betsy Imholz ,Legal Council for Consumer’s Union Patient Safety Program Provides meaningful facts - Read more...

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See Nile's Coalition in action! Use the links below to watch video highlights of our awareness concerts:
  Dr. Tom Frieden, Dir. of the CDC/Atlanta

Carole and Ty discuss Patient Safety and Infection Prevention and Management with Dr. Tom Frieden as advocates for Rapid Detection initiatives.

  Drs. Cardo and Srinivasan

Sharing the message and experiences from healthcare workers, and patients about the need for rapid detection and aggressive treatment of Hospital Acquired Infections.


Lisa McGiffert  Campaign Manager for Safe Patient Project Consumers Union Fighting tirelessly for us all!