More about Nile’s Project


We work with survivors, and families of those who have seen the suffering these infections cause for decades.  We work with families where there loved never returned home from the hospital they were infected in.  We work with healthcare professional that have seen the harm and want to make important change.

The MRSA epidemic began in some of our nation’s top hospitals.   It has been a global war that few of us knew we were fighting.   For the last 3 decades  expert’s and hospitals have know how to prevent the spread and harm caused by staph/MRSA infections in healthcare facilities. 

This bacterial infection epidemic has now spread into our communities, schools, gyms, athletic fields, daycare, harming and ending the lives of family members and friends.

Other countries have eradicated the MRSA epidemic from their hospitals and communities.   
We are here to end the suffering through Awareness, Education, Infection Prevention and Action.

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